Commonly Asked Questions

Brooke’s Favorite Authors

– Byron Katie
– Abraham
– Jack Canfield
– Steven Pressfield
– Martha Beck (early work – especially Finding your North Star and the Joy Diet)
– Marianne Williamson
– Jill Bolte Taylor
– Brene Brown

– Evolve Your Brain – Dispenza (all of his books)
– The Biology of Desire – Lewis
– The Divided Mind – Sarno
– The Hungry Brain – Guyenet

– The Team Success Handbook – Dan Sullivan

– Big Fat Surprise – Nina Teicholz
– The Obesity Code – Dr. Jason Fung


Brooke’s Favorite Podcasts

– Amy Porterfield
– Pat Flynn
– Russell Brunson
– Gary Vee


Brooke’s Equipment

– Webcam – Logitech
– Microphone for teaching classes – Samson
– Microphone for podcasts – Heil
– Video recording and editing – Screenflow
– Halo Ring Light for video – Halo ring light
– Digital Flipchart – Samsung Flip WM55H
– Mobile whiteboard – Dolphin Easel
– Lighting for classes – natural window light


Overeating & Overdrinking

What is a protocol?
A protocol is an eating plan that you develop in order to meet your weight loss goals, and maintain your weight permanently. You specify exactly what you will eat at each meal, and when you will eat. You’ll find lots more information on how to create your protocol in the Stop Overeating videos and workbook under Assets.

What to do if I have an urge/cravings?
You allow yourself to feel the urge and you don’t respond to it. This is the only way to truly recover from overeating or overdrinking, or any type of buffering. You’ll find a video and worksheet on this called Manage your Urges in the Quick Start Skills page of Stop Overdrinking under Assets – it applies to any urge.

What to do after I eat/drink off protocol?
You write down what you ate, you learn why you did it, and you move on.
You’ll find everything you need in the video and worksheet ‘Change Judgment to Curiosity’ in the Quick Start Skills page of Stop Overdrinking under Assets.

What can I have during my fasting period that won’t cause an insulin response?
Water, herbal teas, clear broths including bone broth, coffee with a dash of cream.

Can you help me with my protocol?
Yes – book an appointment with a coach and they’ll take care of you.



What to do when I feel uncomfortable emotion?
Learning to allow any emotion is one of the most valuable skills you can develop. Take the time to explore this emotion with curiosity – imagine that you were describing it to a Martian, and get really specific. Don’t judge it or resist it. It is all part of your human experience. I describe this process in my podcast – Feeling on Purpose

I’ve just started and I’m feeling overwhelmed!
This is very common because I give you way too much information to cover at one time – on purpose. Watch the Beginner Overview video on the home page and you will know exactly where to start.



Where can I learn about bridge/ladder thoughts?
Podcast episodes 35, 103, and 157. If you’ve been with us during March, check out March’s materials. Once you’re a VIP, check out the teaching in the Podcast Live Event.

I’m not a Life Coach School Certified Coach, and I’d like to teach the model in my workplace/business. Can I do this, and of course, I will give Brooke credit?
Yes for sure. We appreciate the credit if you’re not certified with us.

Can you help with my niche?
Sure – post it in Business Questions.

If you have any questions or comments about scheduling, suggestions, delivery, or your membership – email [email protected] and she will take care of you for sure.