A few calls booked despite taking massive action

Since I started my coaching business, about 9 months ago, I’ve been taking lots of action: I created a Fb group (200 members right now) where I am posting every day (different formats: question, short – medium post, lives, quotes… with a CTA to join my program in at least 3/7 post), I am participating in networking events twice a month, I am being interviewed for podcast twice a month, I have a weekly newsletter where I always add a CTA to book a call. I am doing the math, twicking things as I go. I’ve also been working a lot on my belief about my new identity as a coach, and made beautiful progress. But, I had 6 calls (3 from the Fb group -1 didn’t show up-, 2 from LCS site, 1 unknown – didn’t show up either) in the last 3 months.

C_: 6 calls in the last 3 months.
T_: “Nobody is interested in my stuff”
F_: Frustrated
A_: Spin, Ruminate, Second guess, wondering if I am believing something that is completely out of my reach, focusing in promoting my FB group in other groups rather than creating relationships, sometimes feeling a bit detached from my Fb group, buffering a lot on SM, podcasting…
R_: I am not creating anything interesting right now.

I am conscious of the impact that this thought can have in my work BUT I don’t think that all the work done in the lasts months it has been “contaminated” by it.
I know that this is a part of the journey. However, I also see that there’s a great gap between my actions & results.