Advice Niche and offers

I am starting my own business : offering parents and their children a space of time to share their experiences and activities linked with the education. The activities will be for parents and children. This is my mission in the long run.  For now, my idea to start is to begin with one theme of education and then offer other themes.  My first theme is around children trouble sleeping.  My niche is : parents who would like to learn and educate the sleep of their children from 8 to 12 year old.

1 – Is this enough narrowed? should I narrow the parents (eg. tired parents) or should I narrow the children (eg. who suffer from screen addiction? the parents are the one who are paying.)  The price I am charging is 200$ a month.  I am offering 10 different activities for children and parents.
2- Since I am beginning, should I start with one activity and expand which means charging for one activity, not the monthly payment of $200. Am I choosing the right strategy to offer multiple activities instead of focusing on one?
3- Irresistible offers : struggling finding irresistible offers and what is the difference with giving results ahead of time?  Offering 1st month free?
4- Can I sell each one activity alone or should it only be one package?

My questions are oriented on business strategy.
Thanks for your answer.