Am I a fraud?

Hello, coaches! I’m a coach and I’ve launched a podcast. I have a good social following, fully booked 1:1, and a group coaching programme. Everything’s going great but I’m filled with anxiety about being a fraud. I love other coaches like Brooke, Kara L., etc. and I worry that I’m not original and I’m just a copycat of them.

For example, I’ve done a podcast about trust. I wrote it totally from my own brain. I didn’t listen to anybody else’s thoughts on the topic first, I just wrote with what I knew and understood. When I’ve since looked at what Kara L. has said on the same topic, we talk about the similar concept, that rather than trusting other people we can trust ourselves to manage our minds around whatever they choose to do.

Part of me thinks that that’s totally okay. It’s a universal truth and I’ve not “stolen” that from her. But then I’m worried that I’m not original and a fraud in some way. I learn from some many other coaches and most of the time I have no idea who I’ve heard what idea from and then it comes out of me in my own way to my followers. Is that okay?