Business and Job Offer

Business and Job Offer

I have been working on my business hard the past few weeks. I can manage my mind and work on it step by step.

When I was down a month ago, I decided that I may apply for a job in case I do not have clients to have financial stability. And if I got a job, I could continue working on my business. I was working on this thought to believe it (not convinced 100% but I was on the way).

Now, I feel more secure about my biz because I see strong interest and I think I can convert it to customers. I’m not applying anymore.
But I have this thought coming back that I will have an interview with a pretty good company (I got referred) in September. And then, what will I do? Do not accept the interview, decline before they make an offer? I am pretty sure I will get the job if I have an interview, I am pretty good at selling myself.
The question that keeps coming back is: should I accept an interview and see if I accept an offer? should I decline in the first place because I prefer to work on my business without the risk of regretting and not finding clients?

I would say, I can take interviews and see later if I accept the job. But I feel it makes it harder to decline, good salary, great city. I better say no, in the beginning, to avoid any hesitation and confusion because I prefer working on my business.

If this happens today, with the influence of my family, I think I will accept the job and work on my biz on the side; but I’m not convinced I will do it. Lol
Maybe I should say NO in the first place to avoid all this!

When thinking too much about it. I just tell myself, that it is all beliefs because I do not have any interviews for now and no clients.
We’ll see what happens later on. But then I feel like it is delaying the decision. So, I try to work on models to figure out what I will do. Is this a waste of time? Should I just keep going and decide later when things come? Or is better to work on my models to know what I will do when it happens? Any advice on this part?

Thank you for your help.