Changing offer & value


I am changing my offer because I don’t feel aligned with it anymore and I was trying to solve too many problems inside of this one offer.

I’m creating my new offer, and I answered Brooke’s questions and the value that my new offer is going to create is: peace of mind, consistent income, more energy, more time, no more burnouts. As it is a new offer, I don’t have proof yet that I’m going to be able to deliver this kind of result yet. I know eventually I’ll get these results for my clients by refining and refining the offer if necessary as I’ll have clients going through my program etc… but for now I cannot know for sure that my first clients will get all of this value.

So my question is, how do I sell the value I have just listed above when I don’t have evidence yet that I am able to deliver this kind of result yet? I understand that without demonstrating value you cannot sell, but how to do when you start something new for which you don’t have clients results yet and stay in integrity in your marketing?

Thanks a lot