Changing the Chatter of Working on My Business from Anxious to Fun?

My coaching and movement teaching are in a transition. I’ve resigned two contractor positions, am in the process of signing a rental agreement for 25 hours a month to offer a group movement class, and am learning a new software for registration and payment. I’m working with an attorney on a new waiver and service agreement. I’m still serving clients in person for the rest of the month, and I’m finishing a new offer for new clients and have people waiting for me to share it with them.

I feel like I’m picking up and holding a different piece of a puzzle every day, and I put it in its place, and the puzzle is still in progress. And sometimes I notice that I put it in the wrong way, so I move it. I’m noticing that I feel low-level anxiety all the time. Self-coaching helps direct me for parts of the day, and then sometimes I find myself lying on the floor processing either fatigue or mild anxiety.

I want to believe parts of this can be fun. And I also believe that feeling like this is part of the work, to hold space for discomfort, frustration, uncertainty, and disappointment.

Where do I find the fun?