Choosing A Business Name

Hello! I’m a newer Certified Health Coach and I am working with two clients. I’m starting to build momentum, and currently working under my own name. However, I would like to build a practice that has its own name.

I don’t yet have the revenue for branding so I would be doing my own designs (passable enough, but I’m not a designer, lol!). I have goals to reach 100K, then scale from there in multiple six figures and eventually $1M. I’m getting in my head about whether the name I choose will be a $1M name, and if I’ll need to rebrand at some point. Probably many carts before horses here.

I could use some direction on this as I’d love to make a decision I feel confident in and not waste time and energy in indecision over this. At the very basic level, my question is this: While being so new, should I start growing my business under a separate name if that’s my ultimate goal, even if it might need to change down the road? Or should I keep my own name until I build up a little more and work with more clients? Any insight is valued and appreciated. Thanks!