Client canceled program & wants a refund

Hi coaches

I just signed a new client, and it’s now 3 days before her first coaching call and she messaged me that she thinks that she would like to cancel our coaching due to the fact that she didn’t think it through properly and has too much on her plate right now to properly commit. She committed 2 weeks ago, paid the first monthly installment, and signed our coaching agreement.

My contract (that she signed) stipulates that she is liable for the full 6 months of coaching should she want to terminate early. So far- she has paid upfront for the first month, and is asking me if she can get a refund as she hasn’t started the program.

I am in two minds about this. The first part of me wants to come from abundance and just refund her, as she hasn’t started the program.

The other part of me says that I have these rules and regulations in place, to stop people from pulling out prematurely and honoring the contract with me. While I am willing to waive the full 6 month penalty, I do feel that this month’s fee will have to be forfeited on her end as she is taking up space for someone else who could be coached by me and secured her spot through her payment.

Please help coach me!