Client wishing to move from fortnightly to weekly sessions – not getting value from weekly.


I have a client who I’ve been working with since August last year. She booked and paid for a year of 1:1 coaching with me – weekly sessions. Recently she asked to move to fortnightly sessions as she felt she didn’t have enough time in between sessions, sometimes felt rushed at the last minute to do her actions, and also said she sometimes doesn’t have anything to bring.

We discussed this and I shared my reason for weekly coaching i.e. momentum, and not waiting 2 weeks for a session and then only coaching on the big issues, also that she gets to choose how much or how little she commits to each week during sessions. Plus I’ve said that if she doesn’t have anything I have a ton of things we can do together.

We agreed to continue on weekly sessions and that she’d raise this again if she still felt the same.

Since then she has cancelled 2 sessions in the last 4 weeks.

Today I asked her why she wasn’t prioritizing it – she again raised the fortnightly issue so I’ve messaged her back to agree to fortnightly if that’s what she wants. She said she wasn’t getting value from weekly sessions.

I have shared with her what she’s achieved with our coaching so far, i.e. reduced her drinking, no longer feeling depressed, feeling healthier and reaching her money goals. And so I’ve asked her what’s next – what does she want to focus on?

And also because she is very A line focused and a lot of our calls are about her Actions I’ve asked her if there’s somewhere deeper we can go, that’s going to serve her and that she’ll get value from.

I feel like I’ve let her down – like I’m not giving her the value she wants. I find her a little difficult to coach sometimes – she speaks very fast and is very focused on DOING.

My question would be how can I encourage her to open up, and go deeper?

My thinking is just to dive into some of the CCP worksheets on emotions and see what comes up? I have already for the last couple of sessions been asking her how she feels about things.

Thanks so much