Commitment To My Business


I had a plan of starting my business. I wrote the plan, but I didn’t finish completely as every time I would be stuck with either niche question and drama / or product or choice of voice / colour, then marketing channel (i.e social medias) and then start talking to people just to get their views/ experience on coaching and then never advancing anywhere as I been in this circle for the last 2 months.
One of the models would be:
C: I have paid the web designer to make a website 1 month ago and I haven’t yet delivered any of the text
T: I am not committed to this project
F: Guilty
A: I start avoiding it all together, I don’t want to sit down with it, I focus on everything I am not doing correctly in terms of commitment according to LCS, I don’t finish the Goals worksheet, I feel idiot that I have employed the contractor and I didn’t follow up, that now he is waiting and I have been just wasting both his time and my money, I ruminate over my lack of commitment, I continue reading and taking lots of passive actions…but I am not sitting down to write the text for my website
R: I am clearly not committing to the business and coaching and earning money with this activity

I don’t like this. I need some help breaking this Model and finding a more functioning one. I would like to feel curious, excited and not scared. And also I want to feel committed. I feel my lack of commitment somehow is linked to the lack of money / earnings I get from coaching but it becomes a chicken-egg problem.

Thank you