Course Creation With Perfectionism

I think my problem is perfectionism and resistance to taking messy action.

I create courses for my clients. As a weight loss coach, I have lots to say and to share. My problem is that I constrain my ideas to bullets and topics under categories, and then I film, edit, and upload, then launch them to my clients. I’m inspired to take messy action and just get my work out, BUT I always have the thought AFTER, “that could have been said differently, or framed clearer/juicier/punchier,” as if what I did wasn’t good since now I’m seeing and understanding my own concepts. Now, I am seeing my course as a published draft that I uploaded too soon, and now I believe I can’t go in and change it since that would confuse clients who maybe like what’s already there.

I am taking the reinvention class with Brooke, and I see there’s literally an infinite amount of possibilities on what courses to create and HOW to create them, but instead of feeling empowered by all the options it feels paralyzing.

I tell myself that I’ve created/filmed my course one way and now I want to change it to be more improved, but my brain is always going to say that. So, do I ever change my work or accept B- work as good enough?

It feels unprofessional of me, and like I’m wasting my clients’ time by NOT having it perfect. I should be using these recordings as “rehearsals” to hear myself and how I teach my message so I can tweak, but who has time for that? To brainstorm a course and go from idea to publish, and then listen back through is time-consuming and I’m putting pressure on myself to get it “right” the first time.

Yet, I know there’s no such thing as the “right way,” but there is, lol. When I look back at my work, there’s always going to be a way to adjust it. You’re going to say, “and? What if that’s true?” And to that I say, then I want to commend myself for what I DID create and allow myself the space to recreate my courses IF that feels good. But, I don’t know logistically how that even looks. “Hey clients, revised course is available!” But then what do I do with the old course?

My topics and the results I help my clients create are epic.  I wish I could teach it better and that’s sad because it never feels good enough, yet I know it is. But it isn’t. LOL!