Creating 130k

I have decided that I want to create 130k this year. But I don’t feel excited. The most I have made is 63k.
Why doesn’t 130k excite me? It would mean that I double my income, pay off debt, invest in a business mastermind, give to charity, and do something I have never done before.
After listing those, I want to feel something in the realm of excitement or inspiration. Or “it’s done” energy.
Can you help me see what I don’t?

C 130k
T It just looks like a number on a page.
F detached
A try to figure out what will motivate me.
R no action toward creating 130k

C 130k
T I don’t know if I can create that
F confused
A look for the answers by watching coaching videos
R no action toward 130k

C 130k
T I am not a person who people will pay to create that much
F I don’t belong
A think of what’s at the root of this
R no action toward 130k