Deciding The Program I Want & Coach I Want To Be

I heard a coach say that they obsessively think about their clients and their clients’ needs because of their passion for the work they do.

I don’t feel that same way, and I’m curious about that. I WAS passionate about helping my clients lose weight, but in the last few years my focus has shifted from only being a coach to now being an employer, marketing + sales, hiring, and training, so I spend less time thinking of my clients than I used to and more time in what feels like confusion about how to grow my business.

It feels like the time I’ve spent in confusion around the business building could be spent thinking of my clients and creating content that helps them. But, I tell myself I don’t know what that is since I’m growing my business and unsure of my framework, and the business model to scale.

The story I’m telling myself is that it feels like I’ve grown this business just to “grow a business” and this is making me a business coach and not a weight loss coach.