Defining my market

I’m opening a business with my partner, we will be selling hot sauce directly to stores and the stores will be re-selling to end users.

I’m trying to define our users to understand how to create value to them. I think we have 2 customers instead of just one.
Customer 1: stores where the sauce will be sold
Customer 2: end user

We discussed and thought we could create value this way.
Customer 1 (stores): we will be focusing on getting the stores a good profit percentage, and we will have social media presence to redirect people to buy in the stores
Customer 2 (end user): we will be creating great easy video recipes that will include the sauce as an ingredient so that customers who are not very skilled in the kitchen can create great food with our help and the sauce.

Could you please let me know if there’s anything I’m missing or I should pay attention to?