Do I have to narrow my niche?

After struggling for far too long in choosing a niche, I decided to settle on starting with general life coaching. Every time someone talks to me about niche, I feel angry. Like why do I have to niche down? Why can’t I be different and coach on personal development and helping women take control of their lives?  I’ve narrowed as far as female, career-driven business executives who are 40+ and want to redefine their lives.  Maybe they want to leave corporate or reinvent after a major life change.

I think it’s because of all I’ve been through and the transformations I’ve had that I see everything as linked together. I’ve been through divorce, job loss, career change at 40, having to move back in with family, paying down my debt and back into debt again.  I’ve experienced being underemployed, conquered my fear and learned to ride a motorcycle, gone white water rafting,  travelled the world….so many beautiful and painful things have happened in my life.  I was in sales for 16 years, been a personal finance blogger and a minimalism/simple living blogger.

And now I want to be a life coach but all I keep hearing is niche down, niche down and it’s making me crazy. Why can’t I be a general life coach? Should I niche down further? Help!