F*** follow-ups!

I have trouble differentiating between following up with a client and convincing them. Where is the line?

If I’m completely honest, I don’t want to follow up, ever. I keep hearing sales experts say the “fortune is in the follow-up,” and I suppose I get that. BUT, when I think about things I’ve purchased (even Scholars for example), I purchased with zero follow-ups. I laugh at the thought of Brooke sending me a DM to follow up. Haha. Soooo, how do we tell the difference? I do not want to accidentally fall into convincing mode.

I want clients that want to work with me. And that are ready, today. Not the ones I need to convince of my value. I’m tired and burnt out of that.

C: follow up on offers
T: ugh, this feels like a waste of time. I want ready clients.
F: annoyed
A: follow up (reluctantly).
R: waste time because (of course) they weren’t ready/interested in buying.