Falling into comparison and feeling that I’m late!

I learned how to coach with another program back in 2015. I did not practice after that or build that coaching business at that moment  because I learned more and I was interested in that topic. I then worked on another business with my partner that we actually proudly sold!

Now, I’ve been working on selling 1 on 1 coaching for 4 months.  But here’s the thing… Seeing all the other coaches meeting and succeeding reminds me that I do not!  I know that I can look at it from a perspective of seeing what is possible and what is probably in front of me, but I’m using it as proof that what I’m doing isn’t enough, that I’m late, that I’m kind of special if they figured it out and I did not!

Could you help me out? I think that I see the models that are being created with the non-actions I’m taking, maybe I would like just some kind of different perspective or anything that I could feel better.  Thank you!