Feeling Confident While Selling

Hello, in my business, selling is pretty easy. What I mean is when people ask what we do in life and I tell them, if they are “our people” they just say they want to buy without us even having to ask for it.

Yet in my voice it doesn’t feel assured when I tell them how much it costs. It’s not so much about the price or the value of the product itself, as we think it is fair and valuable. I think it’s more an ego-related thing, like “who am I to ask for money”.

I’m quite aware of this pattern and I do the sell while feeling uncomfortable, so at the end I have my result. But I’d like to turn selling into something joyful. I mean, people are happy to buy from us and I think me not owning this decreases the overall experience.

Ready to let it go!

Thanks a lot for your help.