feeling crap after client session

hello !

So I’m a coach, not from TLCS.
I just finished a session with a client and I am very unproud of myself… feeling the tension I am quite happy that I thought of doing a model to have a look at what is going on inside my head creating that horrible feeling.
So here is one model , I chose one thought :
C – coaching client
T – If she is stuck it’s because I am not a good enough coach
F – under pressure
A – running away, buffering with food, calling a friend to release tension by venting and talking it all out, screaming, crying, being agitated , looking around for something to do and find nothing that seems relevant to be done now
R – I don’t do anything to actually get better

So , I need help to make sure that model is “correct”

I am very aware of my tendency to take responsibility where I should, I am quite annoyed at myself for having done that AGAIN !!!
And at the same time, I am proud that I realised it (even “too late” for that session), I am very proud that I had a thought saying “so what did you do good”, that one feels really nice because it reminds me that (most of the time) even when I feel like what I did was very bad, there was still some good and I am not a bad coach, just did not do my best work in my opinion. Maybe I’m still too demanding towards myself… ?

I am not sure of which intentional model I want right now … could you help me here as well please ?

Any other pointers are welcome =)