Having Trouble Narrowing My Niche

I am struggling with narrowing my niche. It’s REALLY broad! I can’t seem to narrow it without limiting what I do and how I serve….

Here’s what I am working with: I provide Spiritual Healing, Coaching, Teaching, Intuitive Guidance, Animal Communication and Telepathy as well as Multi-Dimensional Channeling and Divine Transmissions For People And Animals. (YES! I know its woo woo to most people, but it’s real and it works and its life changing for those willing to participate and receive!)

Here’s my way of communicating this to them: I assist awakening beings with intuitive guidance, coaching, energy healing, divine transmissions, DNA Activations and divine channeling from the higher realms and support so you will accelerate your spiritual journey through the Ascension process and improve the quality of your life in any and all areas of life. If you are serious about Accelerating your ascension journey, and you sincerely want to take your Spiritual Growth to the next level, plus build a life long conscious relationship with your Higher Self, Your Animal Companions, Your Divine Source, this is the place and I am the person to help you do it.

Business and marketing insights and guidance? You don’t have to fully understand the services to help me with this ! It’s just a very broad and wide spectrum and I really, really appreciate the help and assistance.