How a coach should act

I have a thought that I would like to reconcile because it’s getting in my way.
I will try to unravel it here.

Since I am a life coach, I am suppose to act/be a certain way particularly around other people.
For example, get invited to go out with sister in law and her friends.
Because I am a Life Coach, I’m thinking I should be showing up in the energy of a person who is evolved and influential. Like positive vibes, not agreeing with the conversation when there’s gossip, not being petty, not making comments about the waitstaff’s attitude.

I know logically, I am a human and when I’m out to dinner I don’t have to be a life coach, but a part of me feels a level of responsibility to be influential as a coach or be in a positive energy or to be an example.

Also, there’s the factor of caring what is being thought of me. I’m thinking others think I should be a certain contained way as well because I am a Life Coach and I’m thinking I have to live up to that.

F confused
A say weird things at dinner. Not present at dinner. Spinning in thoughts.
R not being me

F shame
A try to say clever things at dinner
R regret after dinner