How Much to Share?

Hi there,
So… I have some questions about how much to share.

I am writing content to create either a podcast or a series of webinars and in one of them I talk about emotional adulthood vs emotional childhood. My best examples, from my own life, of my being an emotional child with full on tantrums, etc. came from co-parenting with my ex-husband because he would chronically abdicate his parenting time and I would then think things like this isn’t fair, he’s selfish, etc..

The thing is that I am worried to share that my ex abdicated his parenting time because if he finds out I said that then he will get angry at me (even though it’s true). The thing is… is that I want to share my foibles and my tantrums and all the things but it’s challenging when my things are tangled up with someone else… I want to be in my integrity and not over share someone else’s story but I also want to share mine as I think it could be helpful to other people…

What do you think about this? Thank you!