How to get my business started

I am 51 from a small island called Mauritius and have worked in 10 different countries with experience in several industries. I have two masters (one in organizational psychology) and am a licensed PCC coach. I am and have always been passionate about developing people. I am especially interested in helping gay men overcome their shame and find their place in the world. I have also coached, trained and helped organizations with systems and people whether it is in simple dashboards, recruiting, personality tests (I am certified in the Enneagram and the culture index).

I moved to the US to get a green card so I could live freely as a gay man. I got my green card through a job and quit in 2020 June. I also was fortunate to get married and we are adopting our first child in 1 month.

Now I feel lost on what to do next. I can do so many things that I am not being able to start any single thing. I spend my time in the stock market and have been learning how to day trade for the last year and half but I do know I have much more to give. I feel I am procrastinating on what to do next.

I have always been dealt what comes next in my life (the opportunities always came to me) and so actually taking an initiative on my own is proving to be much harder than I thought.