How to pursue my focus for this month

Here’s what I’d like to work on this month.

I have a narrative that I am “bad at marketing.” In specific, I feel like we are really not analytical. We have so many opt in forms from over the years, I don’t feel like I really have a good sense of how my “funnels“ perform, and when I try to think about marketing from a numeric perspective I want to be vague about it. It intimidates me.

That said, I’ve dealt with some of these dynamics before: I feel like I need to be “perfectly organized“ and have everything tracked in order to “be successful.“ My business is attracting enough leads for my current level, and I have a pretty basic common sense perspective of where they come from. Mostly referrals and talks I give.

But I’m wanting to be “more sophisticated“ And I think it’s not just an insecurity thing, I think I can sense that it will get me to the next level of income, which is my goal.

Looking to tackle this bundle of beliefs and get to more clarity on what I want my marketing strategy to be, and how I want to track or manage it. Looking to question whether my desire to clean up and get rid of all our old opt ins is procrastinating perfectionism, or actually about a powerful energetic shift.

Of course I’ll bring this to coaching sessions, but not sure how to pursue this in terms of what the study vault can offer, or how I should structure my month. Looking for suggestions. Thank you.