I am not the right person for this job…but my client thinks I am!

I have been working with a client who is EXCEPTIONALLY bright and very well connected with one of the…hell, THE MOST Prestigious academic institutions in the US…if not world! (emphasis intended). She’s skilled in her craft and expertise but lacks focus and systems judgment to the point she’s asked me (her coach) to facilitate meetings with members of not only her University…but other members of ivy league schools around the US. (I went to a State College in West Virginia). My role is to facilitate the discussions of participants to ensure my client achieves her goals and objectives for her project and the meeting.
I hosted the second meeting last week…and I couldn’t even understand WHAT they were talking about. They threw acronyms around so often, I found my mind swimming in alphabet soup! I tried to keep up, reading body language and the like. I tried to ensure everyone got to contribute by inviting those who had not spoken to speak…
After the call, I debriefed with my client. She found value in the session yet was discouraged that the level of support needed to take on the project may not be what she needs to move forward. I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of wine in response to the shame and inadequacy I felt as a ‘facilitator’. My brain wants out of this role. It keeps telling me I am out of my league and I need to go back to coaching.
Yet, I don’t want to abandon this client when she believes I am the only one who understands her (and I do!) and she feels safe with me.
I want to advise her to get another Facilitator…and let me go back to coaching her…but fear she will feel abandoned and unsupported.

I am a seasoned (30 year coach) and see the juicy nuggets of coaching opportunity in my words above…but just can’t seem to distance myself enough to coach myself. Thank you, in advance for your help. 🥰