I Know It’s Not Better There Than Over Here, But What About Goal Deadlines?

I’m not chasing a feeling. I’m just wondering how to best navigate time-sensitive goals. I know a rushed feeling or feeling the need to hurry isn’t helpful. But I’m curious about when I need something ASAP? Ex: Money for a trip. Or even coach certification.

How to not feel rushed when really, time does matter for certain goals?

C- need 30k by June 10th.
T- whoa. Never made 30k in 3 weeks, but I’ll do my best.
F- determined
A-Take daily action in my business

Even with a feeling of determined, I still have a sense of scarcity due to time constraints and it doesn’t feel helpful. If anything, it makes me feel resistant to taking action to be completely honest. I feel like I’m one of those crazy ladies declaring “I’m going to drop 10lbs in 24 hrs.” Ugh.