I’d love some help with my process to zero in on my niche using the form

Hi, using the questions in the form, below is the way I’ve narrowed down my niche. I’d love your thoughts about it and any suggestions to improve it.

1. Broad category: relationships
2. Women in difficult (or changing) relationships
3. “How to improve my relationship with my husband?”
“How to change my relationship with my mother?”
“I need help with my relationship with my son.”
4. “I teach you how you can take control of your thoughts and feelings in order to have a better relationship.”
“I teach you the tools to manage your mind and have better relationships, even if you’re the only one changing.”
“If A+B=C then even if you change only A, you’ll have a different outcome and result. By becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings you can make changes that
affect the relationship. You don’t need the other person to change.”