Increasing My Prices Decision

My business coach suggested that I increase the prices of my one-of-a-kind hand-dyed silk dresses from 250€ to 800€. I find myself wavering between “no way in hell is anybody going to buy from me” and “hell yes! My dresses are rare pieces of wearable art and they are worth so much more!” and avoiding making a definitive decision.

As a result, I am delaying hitting my work goals due to a lack of clarity on my pricing strategy. In an attempt to compromise with myself, I’m telling myself that I will only increase my prices by 100-200€ but then I beat myself up for not having the courage to fully uplevel my mindset to be able to sell at over 800€!

C: Business coach tells me I need to increase my prices by a lot for my business model to work
T: I will lose all my clients, nobody will buy/ also what a wonderful idea & maybe I’ll keep some clients and find new ones?
F: Fear & doubt & disbelief / also excited and challenged to fully own becoming a luxury designer and elevating my mindset to achieve this
A: Delaying making the decision out of fear & endlessly researching other brands’ pricing strategies in hope of clarity
R: Not moving forward/ delay joining an online platform and launching ads

I would like help to get unstuck and finally make a decision and move forward in my business!