Investor Funding


I have been meeting with investors to start my business. So far, they seem to be very on board with the vision of the company. The verbal terms of partnership discussed so far are agreeable.

The next step is for me to propose a 10-year operations budget for the start-up. I believe it will be around 42 million.

My thought is “that’s too much money to ask for and to have to pay back.” The reality is these investors each have net worth’s in the billions. I can feel that the thought “that’s too much money to ask for, or to pay back” is taking away the fuel to my fire while business planning.

We have already discussed that we do not want to start small and grow organically. Brooke’s reminder that business debt is nothing like personal debt is coming to mind. I do have full faith that there is a huge demand for the company I am building (physical therapy infused youth sports training). Can you offer some thoughts on the circumstance of presenting a 10-year operations budget of 42 million?