Is my niche too narrow?

So the three categories: health, wealth, relationships – I would say my niche falls into health and wealth, possibly.

My market is high-achieving women with ADHD who want to stop procrastinating on their goals after addiction.

Does this fit into health and wealth? I think this kind of encompasses all three.

Someone might Google “after addiction goal setting”, “I’m sober and struggling to accomplish my goals”, “sober with ADHD”, “managing ADHD after addiction”.

My solution to their problem is to gain a better understanding of their own strengths to rewrite their story after addiction and plan their own strategies to accomplish the things they want with ADHD without beating themselves up.

I am wondering if my niche is too narrow and would like some input. I have experienced addiction and I have ADHD, I want to help women with ADHD , after addiction, rewrite their stories and find their strengths so they can stop procrastinating on their goals or get unstuck on their goals.