Managing Scarcity Mindset / Belief

Hi there, a warm hello from Melbourne, Australia. Thank you LCS for the amazing value you provide.

I am an entrepreneur who is having some recurring scarcity mindset thoughts, around the time of my monthly finance reporting. We currently have a two month runway to cover head office costs. I am doing all the things to grow our pipeline of sales and revenue/cashflow (I think!). Examples include: investing in LinkedIn ads, webinars, reaching out to clients, new and existing, asking for the sale, personally emailing clients with blogs/free webinars I know they will find useful, refining my offer/marketing, simplifying the website, automating, etc.

C: when I get the monthly finance report, delivered from my operations manager with care and love, I notice I am hearing new thoughts in my mind after the call: what if I can’t pull this off? What if [sales activity] doesn’t work? These thoughts are new to me. As a result, I feel overwhelmed, step away from the computer overnight to reset.

So, I would be so appreciative of any advice you have on balancing existing uncertainty, with faith that the work will… work!