Money (3)

I don’t feel good enough for the money I have or the money that I want to make. I know my business is providing value to my clients. They achieve their goals, they’re so happy with the programs they purchase and thank me for changing their life. But this sense that I’m not good enough feels so strong and keeps coming up and I think it might be blocking future money coming my way
C: Money
T: I’m not good enough to have this money
F: unsafe / insecure
A: Overspending, spent on rent, bill , say I don’t have enough , Worry client isn’t happy , find faults in self , don’t make offers
R: I create the experience of not having money

C: Money
T: My service provides value for my customers and community
F: trust
A: I think about the clients I’ve helped, think about all the many ways my program betters them, develop ways to get them their faster
R I create value

I guess my question is, how do I feel worthy of the money I make and receive, I want to feel worthy of asking for it and worthy of having it, and yet right now I feel this guilt like I’m somehow taking and not giving