Money models and their results

I have two money models I would like you to look at to tell me what you think (especially in terms of results I’m creating).

Model 1:
C: I earn 500€, I spend 1200€
I don’t have a plan to have money come in in the future (Thought?)
T: The lack of money is creating instability in my life
F: on the verge
A: not making a plan, ignore the situation to go on without addressing the issue; spend without bookkeeping; look for employee positions to allow money to come in, but poorly paid (probably a thought) as the salary VS spending would barely cover my current deficit; grumble about money not coming in and about being an entrepreneur for five years but not being where I’d like to be (another thought); mope around about instability; dispersed
R: creating instability by avoiding the question and being dispersed.

Not sure about the result I’m creating, and having a lot of thoughts in my A-line. What do you think?

Model 2:
C: I’ve been an entrepreneur since August 2017
I paused in 2020 (burn-out) and 2021 (writing a book) = 2 years
I launched a coaching business in March 2022 = almost 5 months ago
T: Money should be coming after all this time entrepreneuring
F: entitled
A: not making offers anymore; grumbling, moping, digging my heels; “It’s unfair, I’ve paid my dues” (thought: there are dues to be paid to be successful and make money…); do not believe in my business as much
R: Acting like a temperamental child, being rewarded like a temperamental child = punished for my behavior (with no money coming in).

Same here: what do you think about the R?