Monthly Goal

I decided ahead of time I would plan and assess weekly to make sure I’m moving towards my monthly goal. If my goal’s $4000, I am setting $1000 weekly goal as a guideline.

I noticed myself using this as a reason to be mean to myself when I don’t make it during the assessment, so I’m working towards not making it mean anything if I don’t hit that goal. I will always keep trying to hit the goal the next week if I didn’t the week before, but I’m curious about something. Without it being mean to myself, is there a way I should be pushing myself more to absolutely meet the goal.

I care strongly about meeting the monthly goal but how are important is it to meet the weekly goals? I have the weekly goal set up to help make it easier for me to reach my monthly goal. Each month my monthly goal is getting larger as a part of my plan to hit my overall goal. I see how it’s helping me to grow, but I really don’t want to be mean to myself by expecting some thing I know I can’t do. I do notice that thought that I can’t do it but it’s really more like I haven’t done it yet with this exact job. I’m wanting to get my mindset right on what’s helpful for me, I know it’s trial and error.

Any insight on this would be so helpful, thank you.