My Brain Feels Broken

The reinvention masterclass has broken my brain. I know that’s a thought, although it feels like a circumstance!

I’m now seeing ALL the possibilities! There are endless ways I can coach people. How I’ve been coaching people is just ONE way, it’s one offer, that costs one price, for one time frame. The fact that I once chose this and decided for myself based only what I knew then, in comparison to now where I have 100+ options that I can sell and help my clients, is wild to me.

And every mentor I’ve ever hired has tried to teach me “the way,” but that is now really just “A” way and there are a decillion ways to structure an offer. Which to pick?

As a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and life coach, I could create a mastermind weight loss program, I could train clients 1:1 for high ticket, I could sell low ticket programs to scale, I could write a book, or do all of it. What the fuck? Lol! Within each of those ideas (which are just a few), there’s EVEN MORE VARIETY of options to choose from.

I’m now looking at other businesses through a lens of curiosity wondering why they chose their approach to generating revenue, and why I chose mine. Exploring mine feels irrelevant right now, but what does feel relevant is to look at the “pieces of the puzzle” that are my business and the NOW NEW ways, if I choose, I could snap them together to make a new puzzle.

Is the goal to reverse engineer from my $1,000,000 goal in 2022 to figure out how I want to restructure my business to reach this goal? I know it’s a numbers game, but this also feels like an energy game.