My Business was hit with a frivolous lawsuit

Our business is going through a frivolous lawsuit. If we lose a lawsuit we will go out of business and be bankrupt. We have been fighting the lawsuit for three years and it is slowly coming to an end. The outcome is yet to be known.

A few of my partners wish to retire however if we lose the debt will fall on the remaining partners. We have paid a significant amount of money for attorneys. Often I feel like I’m working just to pay Attorney bills. Her competition is taking advantage of this situation. There is been negative press against our company. I’ve done a good job of not allowing lawsuit to enter into my family life however it does require a significant amount of energy to deal with it. There are times when I feel like retiring myself. Having an unknown outcome in the lawsuit is causing a lot of stress. Currently I handle stress by exercising I’m trying to get it sleep. I’ve also been working on new ventures in case things do not go our way. I have amazing support from my family. It has been challenging dealing with some of the personalities of my partners.