Narrowing My Niche and coming up with my offer

I am teaching a course on the intersection of habits and thinking – combining the cognitive model with the habit/behavioral model.
I teach therapists.
I would like to turn this into a coaching offer that I offer to the general public.
When I looked at the niche worksheet it asks if the offer is a $, health, or relationship offer. I would say it is in the intersection between health (mental and/or physical health) and relationship (relationship with self).
Is this specific enough?

If I were to sub-niche, my ideal client would be professional women (moms) going through a divorce or recovering from a breakup and rebuilding their lives.

What would they google? How to believe in myself, How to recover from divorce, How to recover from a relationship, How to rebuild my life

I teach you how to use micro-habits of thought and behavior to transform your life.
I teach you how to make believing in yourself a habit and how to use habits to believe in yourself.

How does this sound?