New Business Opportunity

My husband and I have an opportunity to invest in a new business. This is, of course, bringing up all sorts of emotions for me. It is exciting and terrifying and making me question who I am and how I want to see myself. My husband is the entrepreneur. That hasn’t been me. I am the over achiever and hard worker but always for someone else. These are some of the models that are coming up for me:

Model #1 – Shame in not pulling my weight
C – My husband and I have an opportunity to invest in a new business.
T – I won’t be able to pull my own weight in running a business and will let him down.
F – Shame
A – I don’t look for tasks I could be good at and could do, I don’t look for tasks I don’t want to do and talk through options, I search for other reasons this investment is a bad idea, I don’t talk with my husband about strengths and weaknesses to find an operations model that works for us
R – I define myself as someone who doesn’t pull my weight so I don’t find solutions to maximize where I could add value. I let myself down by turning down business opportunities to fail ahead of time.

Model #2: Fear of Excitement
C – Same
T – I am letting excitement, not logic, lead this decision
F – Fear
A – Resist feeling excitement in my body, seek examples of negative outcomes or worst case scenarios for this opportunity, push off making a decision so the excitement will fade away
R – I decided excitement is a bad thing so seek negative emotions instead of welcoming the excitement AND allowing negative emotions. I fear losing the excitement for this opportunity so try to take control of getting rid of it intentionally.

Thank you for the feedback!