Niche and Process clarification

Hi There,

I want to create more clients- 2 per month would be amazing.

Here’s some facts:
I’m a Life & Marriage Coach for ‘roommate’ parents.
I’ve been coaching for about 16 months total.

Initially I offered free coaching, and had a great response – 6 women signed up for 4x free sessions each (I didn’t invite any to continue to paid coaching as my skills were very new/confidence was low.)

Since then I started offering my paid offer which is a 4 month 1:1 coaching package.
I have 2x paid clients (1 is about to resign for her 3rd package).
I haven’t had a consult since April.
I do video stories & recorded videos sharing value with offers on the end.
I consistently get between 30-80 views on stories/posted recorded videos.
I make between 4-8 indirect/direct offers per week (stories & content posts saying “if you struggle with this, I can help”- plus a CTA. I also offer directly to people in groups.)

Do I also need to 10x my offers?
Is ‘roommate’ parents too broad (most parents go through this at some stage)?

Using the Narrowing Your Niche worksheet from SCS-
I want to continue working with both Mums and Dads (1:1 not couples coaching).
I also know many couples struggle with one persistent, unsolvable problem.

My submarket could be:
Marriage Coaching for roommate parents who don’t want to let one unsolvable problem ruin their otherwise great relationship.

Or; Marriage Coaching for roommate parents who are questioning their commitment.

Thanks for your time.