Niche — do I know enough of these people?

I picked a niche to coach women on after-work overeating. So they are working women. And they are overeating after work, maybe binge eating, maybe worried about their weight.

My hesitation now, a few months after beginning in this niche, is, do I know enough working women, do I know where to find these people? I find myself comparing myself to examples of people whose niche is a profession they have worked in, in the past.

I have worked in so many professions and contexts and don’t have a network relating to any of them – e.g., I wasn’t a physician, I’m not part of an actor’s union or part of a journalism network, etc. This is all pretty funny, really because I’m 43, so pretty much every woman I know is a working woman; it’s not really a niche at all, it just sounds like one – because it’s everyone who’s not unemployed and is happy with their weight.