Niche Doubt


I am having struggles to really pinpoint what my offer and niche are and to make peace with the fact that I won’t be able to help everyone.

As soon as I feel that I have made a decision on what my niche and offer will be I find myself regretting that I won’t be able to help out all of these people and I have ideas to help out outside of my niche and not in it.

My current niche is: to help business owners and business leaders to move their business from good but exhausting to meaningful and extra-ordinary results! without the exhaustion!

I love the idea of it but then I am thinking that it’s not clear or specific enough what Result they will get from it and also that I haven’t done it myself…so who am I to help them on it…

I then buffer, feel demotivated, have many offers, feel scattered and easily overwhelmed.

My R is definitely: unclear results for me and for the clients I am trying to reach out to.

I would love some help on that one please,
Thank you!