Niche Drama

I just took my test for certification and will be officially certified next week…whoohoo!! I would like some guidance, suggestions, and feedback on my niche. I want to be the business coach for stay-at-home moms. I feel good about the submarkets; stay-at-home, moms. I also feel like my offer can/will include relationships, money management, and health. Here is my drama:

Business coach for stay-at-home moms (can I keep it this simple? Does it include the problem I solve?)

I help stay-at-home moms let go of expectations and live a life they love.

I help stay-at-home moms stop being busy and start feeling productive.

I help stay-at-home moms improve their relationships with their partner, children, and themselves.

I help stay-at-home moms love their “why” and stop feeling like “just” a stay-at-home mom.

I understand that any of these could work. From your experience do you think one would resonate better than others? Any guidance you could give would be greatly appreciated.