Niche & offer feedback

I own a tech agency and my niche are coaches who live launch but who are burned out by the launches and who are tired of the pressure it creates for them because their revenue is dependent on the launches.

My offer is to turn their live launches into an evergreen system which means that we take their live launches and automate their lead generation, sales and delivery with tech (funnels, website and course platform) so that they can remove themselves from the process, so save a ton of time while ensuring a consistent and predictable revenue. All the tech is completely done for them, we hold their hand for the creation of the content and give them email templates (very important in evergreen) that are created specifically by an evergreen email expert. We do not have a guarantee because it is really offer dependent and we don’t work on their offer. To work with us they have to come with their offer we do not work on that for them. We can guarantee that the tech will work etc but not sure it’s compelling enough.

Do you think my niche is specific enough and do you think my offer is irresistible enough?