Not how I want to be portrayed

My husband and I are building a business. I am the face of the business. Helping parents gain the mental and emotional fortitude they need to raise children with special needs. He made a post on social media last night. I read it this morning.

T: That is not how I want to be portrayed.
F: Frustrated
A: Try to change it. Couldn’t figure it out. Leave the post up. Came to ask a coach and wrote about it. Ruminate: Asked myself, “how do I want to portray myself on social media?” Answered myself with “I don’t know”. I’m not a professional anything. I want to create and sell a course. Do I portray myself as an expert or just a mom they them trying to figure it all out? What will make the courses sell!?
R: I am not portraying to my husband what I want to be portrayed as online. I don’t know how I want to present myself online.

I feel like I am on the fence here and wishy washy. Help me move forward! Not sure how to or what is best.