Not working

Hi coaches, please help coach me on this. I have a new client who is slightly resitant to coaching. For example when I ask her what is working? She responds “Nothing. This will never work.”

Last week I coached her on this, and then this week, once again, she showed up not doing her homework because she said she just didn’t want to and that she cant do this. She has gained 1kg this week, and I coached her again on this.

What I find interesting is what Im making this all mean about me! I have found I have recently started to doubt myself, my abilities and my program.

Here are two models I drew up:

T:”I don’t know what im doing”
A: Doubt myself, doubt my ability, look for evidence in other clients that may have hard weeks and make that mean I’m a shit coach, don’t hold space for my clients and their process, reactive to when clients are doing’ well’ vs not (believe im a good coach when they have a good week, and a bad one if they aren’t), question myself and my program, don’t see all the amazing clients that have seen results(there are a lot!), don’t see how my client could be seeing results in different ways
R: I believe I know what im doing, and cant show up as their best coach

T: “They arent going to see results and its going to all be my fault”
A: Take responsibility for their results, Question myself, Spend time wondering what I will do if they don’t see results, Get impatient with their results, Try and rush the process
R: I doubt myself and my program

T: “I’m a bad coach if my clients arent seeing results immediately”
F: Guilty
A: Try and rush the process, dictate how im feeling about myself and my coaching depending on how the clients week went, Stop looking for clients, Stop wanting more clients, Not signing anymore clients because of how im showing up
R: I don’t hold space for their journey, and see how this is growing me as a coach

Please help coach me on this. These thoughts have been holding me back from showing up as my best self, and helping my clients in a way that I know they need. They have also made me not reply to coaching applications, and have no desire to onboard new clients!