Putting myself out there – in front of friends, peers and family

I am happy and confident to put myself out there to ‘strangers’ when it comes to my business, my content and what I offer, but have a lot of resistance to doing this in front of friends, peers and family.

I don’t want them to see me going outside of the box or level that I’ve grown up with in terms of goals, achievements, and just generally going beyond the expectations.

I have a lot of thoughts about what I think others will think about me. I would rather just build my business without anyone who knows me actually seeing me do it or seeing me become successful.

The thought of sharing my business posts on my personal pages etc creates feelings of exposed, self-conscious, worried (about what others will think). It feels like jumping off a cliff – which sounds so over-dramatic!

However, I know that putting myself out there will help me reach my goals – and I clearly have some self-work to do on all this, so I may as well do it with this circumstance!

I had one private session on this and realised that this would be me being willing to experience more of life – more thoughts, more emotions and live a bigger life.

Is this just a ‘rip off the band-aid’ moment, publish the posts, and work through what comes up for me? Is this just about being willing to be uncomfortable and experience negative feelings?

(I think I know the answer – I guess I’m surprised by myself in how much I really feel like I want to stay in the cave over this).