Hi Coaches,

I just got off a discovery call for a potential new client. She was interested in my program until I told her my price is $450 a month for a 6-month commitment. She said to me that a recession is coming up and that her water and electricity have both come up and she would love to join the program but can’t afford it.

My brain immediately said to me ” You can’t object to that without sounding too salesy or like you have ulterior motives e.g. sell her your program”

I ended up asking her what the cost of not doing the program was, and if those costs will outweigh her gains. I then also said it’s all about learning to prioritize herself and her needs and what she wants.

She then went on to say that she will think about it and see and let me know tomorrow.

I need help. Whenever someone brings up the reason why they can’t do my program is because of money, I don’t know how to answer them in a powerfully compelling way that will get them to think and prioritize. I don’t even know what to say, without it sounding too ‘salesy’ or like I have ulterior motives.