Refunds for no reason.

I’m so tired of refunds! I’m partnered with a network marketing, so commission is low as-is. And yesterday, I had two refund requests for no reason other than the person was having scarce money thoughts and wanted their money back. There was no issue with the product or service (they told me they really just didn’t feel they could afford it). This annoys me because my thought is:
Then WHY did you go through purchasing it? Now, my commissions will be reversed.

I’m trying to not let it bother me but it does.
It’s an unnecessary pain in the ass.

C- refund
T- this is so annoying. Why did they bother? (after hearing the refund reason).
F- annoyed & defeated
A- feel negative energy. Over analyze about the person and the refund.
R- waste time. Don’t spend time getting more customers.