Scarcity thinking or not?

Hi there!

I have a yearly membership with a trial period of 3 months. So, the first three months, students can see if they like the membership and if it is going to help them achieve their goals. When they decide within these three months that the membership is not their ‘cup of tea’ they can leave immediately. However, after these three months, the yearly membership starts and they can not leave until 9 months later (3 months plus 9 months left).

I have choosen for a yearly membership because that is the minimum time people need to give to themselves for creating a transformation around food. Mostly they will get some results in the first three months, but learning and training new habits takes time…

OK my question:
Sometimes it happens that someone wants to quit their membership after 4 or 5 months and gets very angry when I tell her that she still has the obligation to pay for a full year. Up untill now I let them out of the membership before their year was finished (even when the 3 months trial was over). But from now on I decided to keep them to their agreement (so to not let them out within the year).

The reason for that is that:
– they have had 3 months to try
– they have decided to stay
– I find it important to stick to the rules also for the other students

But boy is it hard to ‘fight’ with customers … It is a struggle in me and it is a struggle with them…

But now I am thinking: is the fact that I keep them to their agreement scarcity thinking from me or not?

I would love to hear your opinion about this!